PSICS - the Parallel Stochastic Ion Channel Simulator
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Interaction between PSICS and NeuroML

Significant development effort has been devoted towards making PSICS compatible, as far as possible, with other systems. In particular, this involves supporting emerging standards such as ChannelML and MorphML, and more generally XML data formats under the NeuroML banner.

The approach has not, however, been to take the NeuroML specifications as defining the model space and to write a simulator for them. Instead, the PSICS input specifications were developed independently of existing specifications or simulators and are driven purely by the need to express what the modeler who uses PSICS needs.

This therefore presents a useful test case for the expressiveness and ease-of-use of NeuroML. This document details our experiences of working with NeuroML and makes a number of suggestions of ways the standard could be further developed to improve its usefulness as a model storage and trasfer format for projects such as PSICS.

An earlier version of this document contained an extensive commentary on the general structure of NeuroML and links to separate documents about MorphML, ChannelML, NeuroML Biophysics and NeuroML exporting. However, as of the March 2009 NeuroML standards meeting, many of these comments and concerns have been taken on board by the NeuroML developers and work is under way to address them. These pages are therefore no longer pertinent and have been removed.

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